tested in our labs.proven in the bedroom.

We know better condoms make for better sex, so we use premium ingredients, cutting-edge technology, & rigorous testing to produce our ultra-thin Kimonos.

A couple embracing, holding an unopened condom


Kimono Thin condoms box

kimono thin

Snug Fit for performanceenhancing feeling.

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Kimono Microthin condoms box

kimono microthin

Just .044mm between you and your partner. Feel protected, feel everything.

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Kimono Microthin Ribbed + SensiDots

MicroThin sensitivity with ribs and dots for her pleasure.

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Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube

MicroThin sensitivity with extra moisture.

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Kimono Microthin condoms variety pack box

Kimono Sheer Variety Pack

Choose your own condom adventure, knowing you’ll feel it all.

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Kimono MicroThin Large

MicroThin sensitivity with more comfort at the top.

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Kimono MicroThin XL

Big guys need the fit and deserve that MicroThin Sensitivity.

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Kimono MAXX Large Flare condoms box

Kimono MAXX Large Flare

A wider base and flared tip for maximum comfort and sensation

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Kimono Swirl

A Revolutionary New Line

aqua lube

water-based lubricants

Daysy + Ladycomp

Family planning tech

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