To us, size has always mattered.

June is Men’s Health Month, and sex is a crucial part of mens’ overall health and wellness. When we entered the sexual health industry, condoms were sold in one size and shape even though penises are all unique. Research showed us that poorly fitting condoms were more likely to fail and put users at risk. That’s why our small, family-owned company invested in designing and producing the first larger-size condom for the entire American market. We launched the Kimono Maxx large condom before any of our competitors with bigger budgets or longer histories because no one should have to choose between great sex and safer sex.  

Since then, we’ve evolved with the science to offer a wide range of shapes, lengths, widths, and thicknesses that help users find their best fit. Want a tight feeling with more head room? Try MicroThin Large. Need the thinnest larger condom you can find? Test out MicroThin XL. Looking for a unique shape that stimulates both partners’ most sensitive areas? Check out our innovative Kimono Swirl. No matter what you’re up for, we’ve got a condom to match.   

Mayer Labs has put decades of research into our products to ensure they are reliable, pleasure-enhancing, and meet our customers’ high standards because we believe sex brings joy, connection, and wellness to our lives, and we all deserve to enjoy our sexuality. We’re also committed to making quality products that people actually want to use. No matter which Kimono condom you choose, we want it to feel—and protect—like it was made just for you.