Why Sexual Wellness? And…Meet Kimono Swirl!

At its most basic, sexual intercourse is an act that is the foundation of our species. Yet, for humans specifically, sex goes far beyond procreation. It may be entertainment, a way to build intimacy, a stress-relieving tactic, and a health promoter. Sex can mean intercourse or any act or interaction that is sexually arousing. It sells, it drives our society, and used consensually and appropriately, it can improve our collective quality of life. Sex, as a unique feature of the human experience, is why we’re all here—and it’s why Mayer Labs exists. 

Mayer Labs began with a mission to return the joy to sex that was missing amid the AIDS crisis, when death and fear were being promoted instead of pleasure and intimacy. We also built this company upon the belief that every person has a right to experience the connection that sex creates, no matter who or how they love. We started by producing America’s original thin, odor-free latex condom using cutting edge Japanese technology. Since our launch in 1989, we’ve spent decades curating products that deliver the protection, performance, and experiences our customers want. 

Our goal of promoting pleasure and connection has inspired our brand new product line, Kimono Swirl. Kimono Swirl is our answer to our customers’ demands for more feeling, top quality ingredients, and incredible performance. The “face” of this line is our Kimono Swirl condom, featuring a double helix shape at the head that stimulates the wearer and the partner with every movement. As we explored in our previous blog, we know many people are looking for a way to add excitement and novelty to their sex lives. However, they may not be ready to purchase a pricey—or intimidating—toy. Swirl offers an indulgent yet accessible experience by putting a literal twist on a common sex-cessory—the latex condom. 

And what pairs best with a revolutionary condom? Kimono Swirl’s pair of new lubricants.  Through science and experience, Kimono Swirl lubricants meet people’s desire for silky smoothness in either an organic, water-based or luxurious silicone formulation. Kimono Swirl Natural combines organic aloe and botanicals with gentle ingredients for added moisture that gets as close to nature as possible. Kimono Silicone is thicker than most competitors’ lubes for a velvety feel and long-lasting performance. Both lubricants are latex condom-safe and suitable for vaginal, anal, and oral sex, among other fun activities. 

Finally, those who have already discovered how toys can stimulate your senses and enhance your pleasure know that keeping them clean is a balancing act. Our Kimono Swirl Natural Cleaning Gel is specially designed to clean toys, intimate accessories, menstrual cups, and even your most sensitive areas with natural, non-irritating ingredients. Kimono Swirl Natural Cleaning Gel ensures you and your toys are ready for good, clean fun whenever the moment strikes. 

Over our 35 years in business, we’ve seen sex and our social and personal perceptions of it evolve. We’re striving to evolve along with them. People seek pleasure, connection, excitement, and comfort through sex. We use science, the finest ingredients, and insights from people like you to create innovative products like Kimono Swirl. Whatever you want to feel or experience, Mayer Labs products make it even more sensual and gratifying. Check out our Kimono Swirl line today and enjoy everything it has to offer in the bedroom…and beyond.